Welcome to Classic Remise* Berlin

The Classic Remise Berlin, a center for vintage cars, was opened in 2003 in a historic tram depot, originally built in imperial times, construction starting in 1899. Some architectural changes to the building were made in the 1920s. There were limited damages in the war, the places where firebombs damaged the building can still be seen on the ceiling. After the tram system was given up in then West-Berlin in the 1960s the depot did not serve any purpose and was in decay until the present owners bought it in 2002 and started to reconstruct it into a classic car center.

Now there are garages, services and dealers for classic cars, shops for spare parts, clothing, model cars, accessories and restaurants in this landmark building.

For memorable events this is one of the most attractive locations in Berlin.

The old industrial architecture in combination with historic and classic vehicles will guarantee a unique automotive experience in the first classic car center of this kind worldwide. The second center of this kind is the Classic Remise Düsseldorf, also well worth visiting.

The Classic Remise Berlin was opened in 2003.

The previous (licensed) name was acquired by the Meilenwerk AG in 2010 from one of the former owners. The name of the center was then changed to Classic Remise Berlin.

*remise /rɪ'mi:z/ - a coach-house (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary)

Opening hours:

Classic Remise Berlin
Mo - Sa: 08.00 – 20.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00
Admission Free (Except Special Occasions)

Wiebestr. 36 – 37
D – 10553 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 3640780
Fax: +49 30 36407819
E-Mail: berlin@remise.de

Restaurant Trofeo / Parc Fermé
Mo - Fr: 12.00 – 22.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 22.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00

Wiebestr. 36 – 37
D – 10553 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 20613030
E-Mail: trofeo@classic-driver.eu

At the Classic Remise Berlin you can find the following:

Car and Motorcycle Workshops
Our workshops form the core of the Classic Remise Berlin. Specialists, skilled in servicing classic models can refurbish your car or motorcycle to an exacting standard that you can specify. Services include motor and mechanical work, bodywork and repainting.

To complement to the workshops, related businesses are to be found nearby. These include car cleaning and waxing services, professional estimators, automotive electricians and other services such as insurance or classic car rentals.

Related Retail Shops
A selection of retail shops for classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts are located in Classic Remise Berlin. Among articles for purchase are model cars, iconic- fashion for driving and style, books and magazines as well as spare parts and accessories.

Classic Car Sales and Showrooms
The Classic Remise Berlin provides a spacious showroom for dealers to attractively display classic cars that are for sale. The building itself, a fully renovated streetcar depot, breathes a special museum-like quality atmosphere where the classic cars can be viewed daily in a climate-controlled and architecturally interesting environment.

Glass Boxes for Classic Cars
The 88 glass boxes offer owners the opportunity to store their classic cars under conditions that provide a good standard of safety and protection from the weather. Only the car owners have access to these glass boxes, but however their transparency makes the Classic Remise Berlin a living museum.

Vintage Vehicles Owners Clubs
Clubs can be either general clubs for classic car enthusiasts or related to a specific car brand or special interest. In any case, many of these organizations use the opportunity to have their regular meetings at the Classic Remise Berlin and build contacts with other clubs. The Classic Remise Berlin is an ideal forum for their activities.

Restaurant and Beer Garden
From the integrated Restaurants Trofeo and Parc Fermé you can see the vintage cars. The combination of classic cars in an architectural highlight with a high-class cuisine make the restaurants a perfect place to meet friends. The exclusive and comfortable place perfectly completes the offering our services in a special atmosphere. In summer, the beer garden is open for outdoor enjoyment.

Tours of the Classic Remise Berlin

Would you like to learn more about the Classic Remise Berlin concept, its garages and dealers or history of the building itself? Book one of our exclusive tours! Guided tours of the Classic Remise Berlin are available in German and English for tour groups of up to 30 people.

The tour lasts for approximately 45 minutes and includes information about the origin of the Classic Remise Berlin itself and the history of the streetcar depot , as well as an overview of the current dealers, shops and services. The tour also gives you a chance to peek inside the garages where the classic cars are being serviced and repaired. The fee for a tour is 130 € (German) or 150 € (English), plus 19% sales VAT per group.

If you are interested in a tour, please send the desired date and approximate number of people in the group (as well as desired language) to: tours-berlin@remise.de. We’ll get in contact with you to finalize the details.

Event Areas

We’ll make (almost) everything possible
Since its opening in 2003, the Classic Remise Berlin has become one of the most attractive event locations in Berlin. The special architecture of the streetcar depot , as well as the classic cars on display, provide a one-of-a-kind framework for parties, symposia and banquettes as well as trade shows, exhibitions and workshops.

Depending on your needs, the event areas at the Classic Remise Berlin can accommodate up to 600 persons. Several types and sizes of rooms are available for rent, from small seminar rooms up to larger areas. We are quite pleased that the Classic Remise Berlin received the CONGA AWARD in 2008 as “Best Location” in Berlin.

We are happy to help you planning your next event at the Classic Remise Berlin. Our Event Manager gives you detailed information.

Event Hall
The highly atmospheric Event Hall has a floor size of 800 square meters. It has a capacity of up to 600 persons.
It has parquet flooring and air-conditioning. A gallery runs around on three sides.
It can be shaded, therefore presentations are possible during daytime.
Trucks can deliver right up to the doors. The Hall can be locked.
Previous uses for this area include: trade shows, exhibitions, unveiling of new car models and car displays as well as concerts.

The 200 square meter Atrium is our entry area which can be used as a coat room, check-in or reception area as well as for coffee and lunch breaks. This space can be booked in combination with the Event Hall or by itself. There is also the possibility to place additional cocktail tables, promotion stands or buffets along the main walkway that harmoniously connects the Atrium with the unique Event Hall.

Kanzel and Seminar Building
The 40 square meter Conference Room in the Classic Remise, called the Kanzel gives you a exceptional view upon our exhibition of classical cars. It can be rented in combination with the Atrium and the Event Hall as a back office or dressing room or separatly as a room for conferences and meetings for up to 20 people. There is also a Seminar Building with 120 square meters that has proven to be an exceptional location for smaller workshops, seminars and presentations for up to 50 persons. This area can also be booked separately as a dressing room or back office and is accessible directly from our Event Hall.

Planning an Event
Would you like to find out if the Classic Remise Berlin is the right venue for you? Additional information, including photos, floor plans, technical details and prices can be obtained from our Event Manager.


Center Management

Mr. Yvo Konzag
Lange CI GmbH
Classic Remise Berlin

Wiebestrasse 36 – 37
D – 10553 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 36407814
Fax: +49 30 36407819
Cell: +49 170 4117144

Event Management

Mr. Tim Schneider
Lange CI GmbH
Classic Remise Berlin

Wiebestrasse 36 – 37
D – 10553 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 36407813
Fax: +49 30 36407819


Mr. Mika Hahn
Lange CI GmbH
Classic Remise Berlin

Wiebestrasse 36 – 37
D – 10553 Berlin

Phone: +49 211 22950576
Fax: +49 211 22950579
Cell: +49 173 5383434


Lange CI GmbH
Classic Remise Berlin

Wiebestrasse 36 – 37
D – 10553 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 3640780
Fax: +49 30 36407819

Classic Remise Berlin